Write with us!

Write for the Young Diplomats Blog

The Young Diplomats team is accepting submissions for its Blog from College of Europe students and alumni of all disciplinary backgrounds. The aim of this blog is to showcase the College Community’s creativity and expertise by sharing our interests and experience in the field of diplomacy.

We believe it is important to capitalise upon the opportunities offered to us to attend events held with experienced guests and professionals, and to engage with them directly. These offer the possibility to conduct interviews, write short articles, or produce commentary pieces on a particular event, person, or on current developments in the field of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, to be shared with a wider audience via the YD Blog on its website and its social media channels.


Editorial Guidelines

The types of writing we are looking for are Commentary pieces, Op-Eds, and Interviews, of about 500-800 words. These can cover current or past affairs and developments in the field of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. They may centre around the main themes of this year’s Young Diplomats events, for example ‘Women in Foreign Policy’ and ‘Alternative Diplomacy’, practical aspects of diplomacy, or specific areas of research or policy which interest the writer. Every few weeks, the Editor-in-chief and board will suggest topic ideas for contributors to write on, but freedom regarding these pieces remains with the writers. Efforts will be made to source original perspectives on the topics suggested, and to encourage a diversity of viewpoints. The topics in question can relate to any part of Diplomacy, be it public, strategic, economic of cultural, and all its sub-fields.


The main difference between Commentary pieces and Op-Eds are the perspective and introductory difference between the two. A commentary must be a shorter introduction to contemporary topics or events, whereas an Op-Ed is regarding a unique perspective by the writer. An Interview piece consists in a direct but edited transcription of an interview held in person or online. The questions posed by the interviewer may guide the interview in a particular direction, in order to keep in with the general theme of the Blog.


The style should aim to be easily fluid and readable. Paragraphs can be divided into subtitles at the writers wish. The Style and Tone are up to the writers themselves, as they should reflect the commentary that they wish to give and the writer’s true beliefs. However, if the tone is informal, it must remain cordial and refrain from unnecessary use of swearing or vulgar language.


Chicago referencing style should be used in the document, with a bibliography at the end relating to embedded references within the piece. Information must be factually correct, and no rhetorical fallacies should be used.

Submit your pieces to young.diplomats@coleurope.eu today!