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Welcome to the Young Diplomats

Welcome to the College of Europe Young Diplomats Association

Founded in 2017-2018, The College of Europe Young Diplomats is a society for students who want to pursue a career in diplomacy. We aim to provide members of the society with a skills enhancement and networking opportunities with diplomats in Brussels and further afield.

CoE Young Diplomats’ mission is create a solid network, enhance cooperation and build bridges between CoE students with a keen interest and experience in diplomacy, and foreign policy professionals. Our Objectives can be summarised as the following:

  • To bring together representatives of the diplomatic community in Brussels in order to share their professional experience and insights with CoE students.

  • To inspire CoE students to pursue their career in diplomacy.

  • To raise students’ awareness regarding crucial foreign policy issues and challenges facing Europe and the world, by organizing conferences, debates and discussions.

  • To foster dialogue and reinforce ties between CoE aspiring diplomats and foreign policy professionals.

  • To bring CoE students closer to the largest diplomatic hub of Brussels through organizing study trips and field visits.

  • To explore new ideas on future European and international cooperation and on the future of Europe.

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